Portlandian Hate

Aww snap.Portland’s back on top. In the bike world, anyway. Last year, Minneapolis was selected as the Best Bike City after a 15-year stretch of Portland on top. Sadly, this year Portland is yet again no. 1, and they aren’t being too nice about it. At least, according to Aaron Rupar. Here’s his view on Portland’s elitist bikers.

3 thoughts on “Portlandian Hate”

  1. The quoted Portlanders sound more embarrassed by Minneapolis winning two years ago than they are trash talking now…but then I’m in Portland, and that’s just the way we talk here! Always surprised when we’re recognized, a bit embarrassed, and full of self doubt when it’s discovered that all those wins in the past might just be fluke. A bit of sheepish relief, and a tendency to blurt out something that can be read two ways! Or three.

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