Happy Birthday to My Mother/Bestie

Happy Birthday Mom! First off, I would like to admit that yes, I did just call my mother my bestie. Because she truly is! More on that below, but first, everyone should know that most hipsters love their mothers. They will not admit to it, but they do. Some of them love their mom because she provides them with money, or lets them stay in the basement rent-free. Others love their mom because they can borrow her skinny jeans, Walkman, and/or haircut from high school. But me? I love my mom for other reasons (although we do share clothing.) We do home improvement projects together, because what better way to bond than by ripping out hideous tile? We raid Goodwill together, we bike to the farmer’s market and coffee shops frequently, and we have the same (fantastic) taste in music. She probably wouldn’t consider herself to be a hipster (she’s taking more of a yogic path), but she’s definitely on the indie fringe. If she’s not, how did I grow up to be such an indie kid? She doesn’t like cake, so I made her some birthday coffee (Sumatra blend, obvi.) She’s the best, and inspires me to be my best. I love you Mom!

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