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Wrap Up of High School Rockers

If my previous two posts didn’t get the message across, I was super pumped for tonight’s broadcast of The Local Show on 89.3 the Current. Why was tonight’s show so special? Because it was devoted to local high school bands. I of course set myself an alarm so I wouldn’t miss a beat (ha), and it didn’t disappoint!

First up was Bomba de Luz, a jazzy rock group from St. Paul. Their song “I Once Loved You” was aired, but they’ve got lots more on their Bandcamp page! I enjoy “Boots and Cats”, myself. A bit later came North House (after Jacob Juusola, who’s music I couldn’t track down). North House has got a laid back, hypnotic hip hop vibe. Then came ICETEP, who might just be winning Band of the Day in my mind. Loving their instrumental album “Soup”. Another chill, relaxing feel. One guy that’s making his mark is John Mark Nelson. I actually read an article on him in City Pages a few weeks ago, and he played a show with his mega band that was received quite well. Guess he’s famous. Anyhow, I love his sound. He’s got a mature, professional sound quality, and I’m a sucker for anything acoustic. Jack Campbell came on a bit later, with “Fake Sorries.” Good, clean-cut sound. What is a clean cut sound, you ask? It means that I wan’t scratching my head trying to figure out the lyrics, or the deeper meaning of life, or whatever. Just made that more muddled. Then there was Call Us Criminals, who have a lovely indie sound. And yay for female leads! Later a song from Mitchell Seymour was aired, which I loved. It’s called “Reborn.” So beautiful. Then there was Wireless. I really enjoy this variety of electronica. Not crazy, not so chill that I feel drugged. Worth listening to.

Other artists (all of whom I enjoyed (seriously), but my wrists are starting to hurt):

Robin Heil

The Khaki Movement (Best name of the lot)

Whistle Kid

Wolf Mountain

Echo Kid (Name totally goes with progressive house that is produced)

The Narw!als

Jacob Juusola

Otis Apollo

Gold Lion

Aside from all the bands, a pretty cool blogger was also featured. Her name is Lindsay, and she writes My Mom is My Concert Buddy. She’s obviously got good taste, because all the worth-going-to concerts are 18. Hence the mom (who is, clearly, pretty cool, too.)

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