Music, Song of the Day


Yeah, I just made that a verb. I love Bandcamp for so many reasons. It’s a place for new artists to put themselves out there, and for music lovers like myself to discover them. Also, a ton of them offer their music for little to no cost. You must check it out. Anyway, here’s what I’m listening to today.

1. Citizens is an energetic rock band from Seattle. I listened to their 4-track Already/Not Yet, which I really enjoyed.  They are a Christian group (which I don’t usually listen to), but they’ve got cool arrangements.

Already/Not Yet on Bandcamp

2. Symphony of Science. Educational music. I’m geeking out over this right now. Oh, and it’s freeeee!

Symphony Science Bundle v1.6

3. Year of the Buffalo is a folk group with some ahmayzing voices.  Listening to their album Darling Laney.

4. Quiet Company has a fun rock vibe. You can buy their album We Are All Where We Belong for $1 (which I’m going to do after I publish this). Also, the cover art is pretty solid.

Lay it All Out

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