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Album Review: Let’s Be Still from The Head and the Heart

This Seattle-based indie-folk group really broke onto the scene with their hit, “Lost in My Mind” in 2011. Now they’re back, with a new album called Let’s Be Still. They’ve opened for acts like My Morning Jacket, Iron & Wine, and Death Cab for Cutie, but the group is definitely capable of headlining. The sextet is a lot tighter as a result of touring together, and it shows in Let’s Be Still. Their tunes are emotive without slipping into broody (okay, “Cruel” is pretty moody, I must admit). Anyway, the group has a great, full sound, and  Josiah Johnson and Charity Rose Thielen do a great job of layering harmonies. The album has a good mix of slow/uptempo songs, though the album is not as rock-y as the teaser “Shake: led me to believe. My favorite tracks are “Summertime” and “Shake.” Give Let’s Be Still a listen, and comment below!


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