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Song of the Day: From Gold by Novo Amor

Ali Lacey is the man behind Novo Amor, producing alternative folk tunes from the UK. Ali emailed me his new single, “From Gold”, and said it would “fit in nicely” with my blog. I gave it a listen, and couldn’t help but agree! On the Novo Amor Facebook page, Ali mentions Bon Iver and Daughter as inspiration, two groups I immediately thought of upon hearing “From Gold.” I was impressed that Lacey produces all of his music himself, so I went in search of more Novo Amor. I stumbled upon two more songs that I really enjoyed, called “Flay” and “So We Drift” on Novo Amor’s Youtube page (along with covers of Bon Iver and Ingrid Michaelson songs). Novo Amor is on Bandcamp, and you can “Name your price” for Lacey’s tunes. Hope you like it, I sure do.


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