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Musician of the Day: D.D. Dumbo

I’m baaaack! And with some good new music to share, of course.

D.D. Dumbo

Oliver Hugh Perry is the sole member of D.D. Dumbo, hailing from Brunswick, Australia. “Tropical Oceans,” his debut EP, was released yesterday by indie label 4AD. You can download it or order a 12″ LP here, and check out the music video for the title track below. I couldn’t place D.D. Dumbo’s music into one genre, but his Bandcamp page sums it up well with tags of blues, experimental folk, and loop pop. “Tropical Oceans” is definitely something to check out if you’re into guitar-driven tunes with some serious groove. My favorites are the title track and “I Woke Up Covered in Sand,” which has some very …interesting lyrics. D.D. Dumbo will be making his European debut at the Pitchfork Festival in Paris on Friday, so look out for that as well.

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