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An Interview with Miss Universe (Greta Morgan of Springtime Carnivore)

This weekend I had the opportunity to sit down with Greta Morgan (former lead vocalist of bands Gold Motel and The Hush Sound)  to talk about her newest project, Springtime Carnivore. She is currently on tour with Generationals, and they made a special stop here at Notre Dame on Halloween night for a fun-filled, costume-clad performance.We sat backstage and talked music while the other musicians were putting the finishing touches on their ensembles.With OneRepublic blaring in the background, we got down to business.

First up, the naming of Springtime Carnivore: “I saw a coyote crossing my yard while I was writing, and I just wrote down “When the springtime carnivores come out of the woods.” And then I figured I would use it as a name for something, and then it became the project name.”

On her role models: “My real life role models are Alan Watts, Einstein, Ana Forrest, Georgia O’Keefe, Joan Didion. Musical… The Beatles. I always switch off who’s my favorite. I love this songwriter Margo Guryan, who’s an artist from the sixties, and then, singing-wise I love Bobbie Gentry and Stevie Nicks.”

On her favorite composition: “It changes a lot. One of my favorite pieces I’ve written is this piece that I wrote for a film that’s going to be out next year sometime, for a film called Shangri-La Suite. Also, this song called “Other Side of the Boundary”, which is on the Springtime Carnivore record, is one that I felt like was a little bit of a breakthrough for me. So I really like that one.”

On Gold Motel and The Hush Sound (sorry everyone):”Both are done to me. [The Hush Sound] tried to make [another] record, and it’s like when a couple gets divorced and tries to go to counseling years later. We love each other, we really love each other, but it wouldn’t be the kind of material that our fans deserve, which would be great material. For me, it’s go big or go home. I’m either gonna do something really well, with a lot of integrity or why bother? And we were sort of like, “Why bother?””

Then it was time for the fun questions:

If there were a movie about Greta, it would be called: “The Only Girl on the Road. The West Coast band that’s playing on this tour is mostly women, and I really love playing in bands with women. But the majority of my touring has been me and a party of men.” Would this not be a great documentary?

I asked her how she would define a hipster, and her first (quick) response was, “Somebody with a curvaceous area between their knees and their belly button.” Then,”Oh wait, I just thought of a better one… I’m trying to think of something really sarcastic and ironic, like “I call them hepcats, I can’t believe you still say hipster.”” Well said, Greta.


Generationals were the featured act of the night, but Springtime Carnivore stole the show. Greta was accompanied by a talented and amusing band: “Skrill Cosby” on guitar and keys, “Grapes of Wrath” on the drums, and a green guy (not sure what the costume was) on bass. They were energetic and magnetic, and gave a great performance.


Listen to the full interview below for more music-related and random questions with Greta! Springtime Carnivore’s debut self-titled album (produced by Morgan and Richard Swift) is being released this week by Autumn Tone Records. Full of romantic sixties-esque vocals, cheery piano lines and danceable backdrops, Springtime Carnivore is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. My favorite tracks are “Name on a Matchbook,” “Sun Went Black,” and “Two Scars.” You can stream the album via Noisey, and check her Facebook and Twitter pages for further info.

Here’s the full interview:

And here’s the video for “Name on a Matchbook:”

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