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2014 In(die) Review

With 2014 coming to a close tonight, I figured I should probably get with the end-of-year program. Today I’ll reflect on 2014, which was a great year for me. I started my college career at an amazing university, attended the wedding of my mother and stepfather, got a bunch of ear piercings, and of course listened to tons of great music. I don’t have many regrets from the past year, though I do wish I’d taken more time to blog. But hey, that’s what resolutions are for right?

Anyway, back to the  music. 2014 was a great year for indie/alternative musicians. Once obscure artists like St. Vincent and Hozier blew up, while well-established groups like Spoon, alt-J, and TV on the Radio dropped wonderful new albums.A few of my favorites:

1. Hozier- Hozier

This was by far my favorite album of the year. I started listening to this soulful Irishman in February, shortly after he released an EP on Bandcamp. I fell in love with “From Eden” and “Like Real People Do” and listened to the EP for a few months. I had no idea that his single “Take Me to Church” would become such a hit, but I couldn’t be happier that it did. Suddenly everyone was talking about this Irish guy with an amazing voice and a name that no one was 100% sure how to pronounce. Now “Take Me to Church” is nominated for a Grammy for Best Song of the Year. Fingers crossed that he wins it.

2. Springtime Carnivore- Springtime Carnivore

I loved interviewing Greta Morgan aka Springtime Carnivore on Halloween (here’s my post), and was so impressed with her debut solo album. I couldn’t get “Name on a Matchbook” or “Two Scars” out of my head for weeks.

3. First Aid Kit- Stay Gold

I’ve been in love with this sister act since I heard “Ghost Town” in 2010.Anytime I hear their  soaring harmonies and ethereal tunes, I’m inspired to pick up my guitar and try to capture even a little bit of that magical sound.There are several songs on this album that I had on repeat, but my favorites are “My Silver Lining” and “Master Pretender.”

There are plenty more albums that I could ramble on about, but I feel this post is getting lengthy. Instead, I’ll leave you with a playlist containing my favorite songs from these artists and many more. Have a wonderful New Year, and may 2015 be another great year for indie.

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