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Predictions for 2015

With 2014 behind us and the great unknown of 2015 ahead, now is the perfect time to transition from reflections to predictions. This week I browsed through several of my favorite blogs, and each had its own “most anticipated” lists for the coming year, and got to thinking about potential hot/nots myself. So without further ado, here is the official Suburban Hipster Indiecast for 2015:

Albums That Will Receive Critical Acclaim (and Maybe Even Airtime)

1) No Cities to Love- Sleater-Kinney

After a nearly decade-long hiatus, this all-female trio reunited last year and will release No Cities to Love January 19/20 and will begin touring shortly after (with a stop in Minneapolis on Valentine’s Day!). Fans of the band have been long awaiting new music from the group, and Pitchfork writers have  been posting in excited anticipation for months.I have little doubt that this album will be heavily reviewed, so fingers crossed that it delivers some fantastique rock n’ roll. Below is one of their new tracks, “Bury Our Friends.”

2) Soft Control- Laura Welsh

Another album set to release January 19th is from English singer Laura Welsh. Soft Control will be her debut, coming after wildly successful songs “Cold Front” and “Break the Fall.” She’s got a beautiful, velvety voice and catchy compositions somewhat reminiscent of Florence and the Machine.Soft Control could have the potential to launch Welsh into mainstream culture.

3) Froot- Marina & the Diamonds

Set to release April 6 here in the U.S. Marina & the Diamonds’ latest effort should be a big hit in the indie world. Her electropop sound and eclectic fashion sense have already made her a favorite in the UK, and my guess is that she’ll be a big deal in no time in the states.Below is the video for the title track, “Froot.”

4) TBA- Kwabs

London-based baritone Kwabs gained some attention with his single “Walk”and is all over the “rising stars” lists put out by Pitchfork, BBC music, and others. He hasn’t set a specific date for the release of his debut, but has speculated that it might drop this spring. He has a very interesting story (read here), a captivating voice and Youtube fame, a winning combination. I have high hopes for Kwabs, and eagerly await his first album. Here’s “Pray for Love”:

Artists to Watch

1) Stromae

Okay, so he’s already super-famous in Europe. However, I’m confident that this Belgian singer-songwriter will extend his fame across the pond, with his infectious French pop/hip hop/dance music.

2) Lucius

This indie pop group from New York broke onto the scene in late 2013 with their debut, Wildewoman. They’ve since received tons of praise from music magazines and blogs, but their very danceable and fun to sing tunes are still fairly unknown. I predict this will change after their performance at Lollapalooza this summer.

Obvious and Unnecessary Commentary

Hozier is going to be on the charts for a while. Sure, we’ve all heard “Take Me to Church” 5 billion times, but his debut self-titled album is full of hits just waiting to happen. He’s also going on a nearly sold-out tour around America, and has scored some amazing gigs like Coachella (!) So, 2015 should be a wonderful year for my new fave Irishman.

Let me know your thoughts and predictions for 2015, and we’ll see how I did at the end of the year!

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