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Band of the Day: Motel Talk

I recently received a great submission from a band called Motel Talk, a young indie pop/folk group out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They’ve got a fresh and upbeat sound featuring quirky electro-acoustic musical backdrops and tight harmonies. Within the past few months, they’ve  released their debut EP called Sleeping Through the End of the World and have submitted an entry for NPR’s “Tiny Desk” series.

The band sounds as if they’ve been playing together for a long time, and if I hadn’t known I would not have guessed that this was their first project. My favorite song is “These Words,” which features irresistible layered harmonies and a very full, folksy sound. I also really enjoy “Books & Pages.” If you like Of Monsters and Men, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and/or The Lumineers, then Motel Talk is a must listen! I couldn’t upload the EP (boo technology) so instead I made a playlist with all the songs in order below. Enjoy!

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