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Artist of the Day: Sampahh

Sampahh is an up-and-coming singer, songwriter and producer from Ghana, West Africa. He hopes his music will be “recognized by my voice and lyrics, not my genre. My brand of music would essentially be everything that sounds beautiful and spiritual.” With that being said, he recently released an 8-track EP called Centre World, embedded below.

The sounds on the EP range from pop to R&B to funk to reggae, so categorizing it into any one genre is nearly impossible anyway! Sampahh grew up in a very poor area, but rather than viewing his circumstances negatively, he says instead, Poverty is my advantage,”and used his experiences to shape his artistic career. When he’s not singing, writing, or producing, Sampahh plays soccer and cooks (a winner in my book.) Anyway, Centre World is soulful yet easy on the ears, and well worth a listen. My favorite tracks are “The Way I Feel” and “That Guy.”

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