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Band of the Day: Treading North

Next on Suburban Hipster’s Catch Up Series: Treading North. Last month this little-known 7-member band released their debut EP at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis. They describe themselves as “dreamfunk,” incorporating guitar lines that remind me of Red Hot Chili Peppers in their prime. They delve into experimental rock, jazz and even some blues, and while rough around the edges this group is well on its way to defining a signature sound. It’s increasingly difficult to stand out in the ever-expanding alternative scene, but I think that with time Treading North could become a force to be reckoned with in Minneapolis’ killer music scene. You can stream the EP, called Canopy, on their Bandcamp page or below this post. My favorite tune is “Minor Threat,” and my guess is you’ll see why when you listen to it! Once an indie kid, always an indie kid. Let me know what you think of Treading North, and keep up with the newcomers here.

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