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Song of the Day: The Fall by Keith Johns

Another submission, another excellent single! They just keep rolling in. This one’s from a group called Keith Johns (after the lead singer-songwriter), based in Miami.They released their first EP just last year, called Maps and Plansand “The Fall” is the first single off of their upcoming debut, Grateful Fool. What’s interesting about Keith Johns is that they are able to record all of their music at home, and the video for “The Fall” was shot in the living room. But the coolest thing (at least in my nerdy mind) is that the frontman/namesake has a degree in physics. I didn’t mention this in my last post, but Brian DellaValle (Of the Valley) has a PhD in neuroscience. What a world, where the brightest minds are also bringing us the best new music! Listen to “Ride Along” if you like: upbeat folk/Americana, early Mumford & Sons (minus the banjo), and/or following your dreams. Cheers!

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