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Band of the Day: Hellkamp

Today’s featured group has a lot going on musically, and they make it work. Hellkamp’s sound is a fusion of Americana, blues, power pop, and rock behind 90’s-esque vocals. Of course, this is easier heard than described, so perhaps listen to their new single “Echoes” (embedded below) while you read this post.

This German quartet released their first album in 2012, and while it is markedly different from “Echoes,” it is a good listen in itself (available to stream here.) Much like BOY (my favorite Swiss/German duo), Hellkamp’s lyrics are entirely in English. I’m blanking on cool and unique adjectives, but the point of the day is that Hellkamp is a refreshing unclassifiable band out of Germany, whose music is absolutely worth checking out if you like any of the aforementioned styles. Thank you to the lead singer, Kai, for submitting Hellkamp’s tunes. Genießen (Enjoy)!


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