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Summer 2015 Wrap Up

As sad as I am to see it go, summer is packing its bags. While it went extremely fast for me, I squeezed a lot in. I listened to tons of great music, attended several amazing concerts, and got to write for the Current, something I’d never even considered to be a possibility before this year.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 6.14.28 PM

I kicked off my vacation with a Shawn Colvin performance at the MN Zoo. “Sunny Came Home” has been one of my favorite songs since forever, and it was just as perfect as I remembered it.

In mid-june, my family took a trip to the Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina, Kansas. The River Fest has been a family tradition for years, and is a great place to hear undiscovered talent. This year’s favorite was Jakubi, a funky group from Australia. A week after seeing them in Kansas, I ran into these guys in Minnesota while they performed at Oake on the Water. They’ve only got a handful of songs for now, but I’m hoping to hear more from them soon. Listen to “Holiday” below!

A week after returning from Kansas, I was off to another music fest, Gentlemen of the Road. This one was in Waverly, Iowa, and organized by Mumford & Sons. While I was not a fan of hiking through unkempt corn fields and muddy event grounds, the bands were amazing. Dawes, Jenny Lewis, My Morning Jacket, and of course Mumford & Sons, were phenomenal. I’ve loved M & S since junior high, and their performance blew my mind.

10154383_10207052947225863_331959359084260584_n 10402662_10207052957506120_2389396355052458620_n11063754_10207052948105885_3024391751140492150_n 11063812_10207052959426168_1266585042219926144_n

I spent a month in Florida for an internship, and while I didn’t see any live shows there, I was able to curate a bumpin’ summer playlist, embedded below. I also got a tattoo.


Summer 2015 did not disappoint! What were your favorite albums/songs/concerts this year?

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