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Songs of the Day: “Sophomore Slump” by Bryn Rich & “Mental Case” by SKATERS

I received two submissions fairly recently that I felt mirrored the exact emotions I’ve been feeling lately. With the changing seasons, exam weeks, and general chaos of campus life, I often feel like a mental case indeed. And while the senior slide is undeniable, the sophomore slump is a beast of its own. All I want to do lately is read books, listen to music, and have long conversations with friends. School is important, of course, but the general mood lately has been one of introspection.

So, for the songs of the day. I like the laid-back fingerpicking featured in “Sophomore Slump.” Chicago-based songwriter Bryn Rich does a nice job of balancing guitar and vocals, playing in swells when he isn’t singing. The song is slow, and while I favor more upbeat tunes I am thoroughly enjoying the mellow, melancholy feel of this one.

“Mental Case” by New Yorkers SKATERS features a more typical indie rock sound: drums, synths, the works. “I’m a mental case… I really might be sane” are the words repeated over and over: sad, dysfunctional, and oh so catchy. Give these two a listen and do some deep thinking or fireplace staring or something.

Tune in to Indie @ ND this morning at 10 EDT/ 9 CST for some new tunes!

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