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New Fave: Glass Animals’ How to Be a Human Being

In the months leading up to their sophomore album, Glass Animals released a few tracks that rocked my summer. “Life Itself” and “Youth” (which happen to be the first two tracks on the album) tell stories with infectious rhythms and melodies. I couldn’t get enough.

Needless to say, my calendar was marked for August 26. As soon as I got out of class, I biked back to my dorm room, fired up my speakers, and flopped onto the futon for an optimal listening experience. I expected a good album, but I was blown away. Before How to Be a Human Being, I thought of Glass Animals as chill out music. Most of the lyrics on Zaba are nearly undecipherable, but I enjoyed the sounds of “Gooey” and “Toes.” Rather than falling into the sophomore slump, Dave Bayley and the crew created a series of irresistible stories, some funny, some sad, that together make up what I think will be a top 5 album of the year. Stream it here!

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