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New Beginnings

When I started this blog 7 years ago, it was a place for me to explore my love of music in a new way. I have always been a playlist maker and a journaler (okay, owner of many journals), and have a preoccupation with documenting things. I really loved doing research on new bands and albums and discovered that I actually enjoyed writing.

Since then, I’ve tried to start new blogs about 5 times and ended up deleting them before I ever posted anything. I got into makeup (and really into spending money on it) in college and started a YouTube channel. That was fun (except for the credit card debt), but what I really loved was the creative process- the brainstorming, the editing, the revising. So I tried to create a beauty blog, which lasted for an hour while I made a beautiful webpage, then realized I had no interest in writing about products.

I’ve returned to Suburban Hipster time and time again, sometimes to draft a post in hopes of revamping it, other times just to look at old posts and laugh at my teenaged insights. I want to keep this blog that I’ve poured so much into, but I don’t want it to just be a music blog anymore. I think I’ve been afraid of de-niche-ifying Suburban Hipster, because rule #1 in the blogosphere is find your goddamn niche and stick with it. Well, my new niche is being a 20-something with a lot of interests and a space to explore them. I live in Minneapolis and have a love/hate relationship with the city (mostly love). I work in education and want to talk about the school to prison pipeline. I’m in an amazing relationship and I want to brag about it (sorry, not sorry). I might also want to talk about the Sims. And my dog Rudy. I’ll probably talk about him, too.

I’m no longer a suburbanite (though I’d like to return), and definitely not a hipster (co-ops are expensive), but I’m still a blogger and 16-year-old Allegra worked hard on it, so the name stays. Welcome back, y’all!

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