Year of Less: Week 1

Already a week into the new year, and my shopping ban is in full swing! I’ve set a budget and have tracked every expense, so I’d say things are off to a great start. Y’all, I have only purchased coffee once! I was thinking this would be the hardest habit to kick, but it’s been surprisingly easy. Jason and I had our weekly Friday coffee, and it was delicious. Looking forward to it again this week! I’ve already used up my one jeans purchase for the year, however, since my other pair did, in fact, bust out at the thighs. I set aside 20% of my paycheck, but would you believe getting a dog neutered in Minneapolis costs $500?! So the savings goal for this month (20%) might not be met. I did invest a little bit, using my handy dandy Stash app. Aside from that, all the money I’ve spent this month has gone to groceries, student loans, and a gym membership at the Y. I had this membership last year thinking I’d go on my way home from work, but I went one whole time and cancelled it after a few months. But, I’ve been feeling like an uptick in physical activity is in order, and Jason’s resolution for the year is to hit the gym more, so I signed us up for a dual membership. Send us all your motivation please! I’ll be back next week with another quick update.

1 thought on “Year of Less: Week 1”

  1. Love it! What helps me: Setting a goal of number of times to hit the gym per mo. And if you meet it, have a reward in place. (Extra coffees one week or ?)

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