Week 3

It’s week three of the year of less, and to be honest I slipped up this week. I bought the new Sims 4 expansion pack (Tiny Living, btw) AND ordered food twice! And one of the times it was Dominos! I spoke too soon last week, I s’pose. I talked myself into these things because it was my birthday on Friday and my plans got cancelled due to hella snow, so even though I still had a lovely birthday (thanks, Mom) I was feeling very treat yoself-esque. I was also very tempted to shop earlier this week, in the midst of (more) drama with our (very stupid) landlord. Now that I’m not allowed to buy things impulsively, I’ve come to the (shocking) revelation that I spend money to cope with stress and the upsetting truth that I can’t control everything. I’m putting this psych degree to work, y’all! While I’m a little disappointed in myself, I remain undeterred! Today is a new day, and also Tiny Living is dope.

1 thought on “Week 3”

  1. Sometimes you just need to write a permission slip to yourself. It’s the long view that matters. You can overcome!

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