Year of Less: Week 6

I decided not to post last week since I had bronchitis and didn’t do much of anything or spend any money. This week though, phew. I think I’m making up for a tame start to February! I think the -30 wind chills and midwinter SAD have put a spell on me. Ok, it’s not actually that bad. Just like, 3 Bitesquad orders in a week or whatever. The real issue, I’m discovering, is that while I have no problem coming up with goals and rules and such, the whole using goals as motivation part is not my strong suit. I’m just kind of like, Oh well, messed up, I’ll do better tomorrow! (snaps fingers). That’s fine every once in a while, but I find myself using this as a pretty sloppy excuse to do what I want for a day (or two or three). What are y’all doing lately that motivates you? I need some inspiration!

Lay it All Out

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