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Band of the Day: SNOWMINE

Happy Friday everyone! I'm fortunate to not have any classes on Fridays, so I spent this afternoon listening to some albums I recently found on Bandcamp. My favorite so far is from a group called SNOWMINE, out of Brooklyn, New York. The album is called LAMINATE PET ANIMAL, and was actually released way back in… Continue reading Band of the Day: SNOWMINE

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Band of the Day: Asker

I'm a sucker for indie rock, and when I heard about Asker via City Pages, I knew I had to check it out! Asker is made up of three guys who went to college together here in the Twin Cities. Rumor has it they met in theology class at St. Thomas, and the rest is… Continue reading Band of the Day: Asker

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Fresh Music: Filbert

I got an e-mail from a guy named Daniel (can I call you Dan?), telling me about his band, Filbert, and their soon-to-debut "Central Valley Commute". I thought, sounds solid! How could I pass up a band with the name Filbert? Anyway, upon clicking the attached links, I discovered this. I like the folk/popish fusion,… Continue reading Fresh Music: Filbert

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Electric Fetus & The Farewell Circuit

I coerced my lovely mum to take me to the Electric Fetus today, because I heard they were having a garage sale. If that in itself sounds exiting, you just wait! We found some super cheap CDs outside, then headed in because there was live music. I love the inside of this place. It's so… Continue reading Electric Fetus & The Farewell Circuit

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Wrap Up of High School Rockers

If my previous two posts didn't get the message across, I was super pumped for tonight's broadcast of The Local Show on 89.3 the Current. Why was tonight's show so special? Because it was devoted to local high school bands. I of course set myself an alarm so I wouldn't miss a beat (ha), and it didn't disappoint!… Continue reading Wrap Up of High School Rockers

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High School Bands Featured Today!

I posted about this a month ago, when I first read about it. Tonight, tune in at 6pm central time to 89.3 the Current, an offspring of MPR. The Local Show will be featuring several high school musicians, including John Mark Nelson. I'm so amped for this.

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Fresh Music: Vows

Vows is a group that I discovered only recently, right here on WordPress. They are a dream pop duo, and have released one album, called Winter's Grave (listen here.) Even better, they offer their music on tape, for all you retro lovers. They're in the process of mixing their sophomore album, not sure when it'll be out.… Continue reading Fresh Music: Vows

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First Aid Kit

Love the background to this song. And their voices never cease to move me. Slower than other songs, but if you pay attention to the lyrics it makes sense. Sad, but adorable. Another goodie.