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Fresh Tracks for Fall 2013

My favorite season is just days away! Sweaters, boots, and pumpkin-flavored lattes... *sigh*. Anyway, here's my playlist for Autumn. I'll be updating it throughout the season, so if you have any suggestions, please comment or email me ( I love a good recommendation! Happy Fall! I'm off to dig out my pullovers and scarves. -SH

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Band of the Day: Asker

I'm a sucker for indie rock, and when I heard about Asker via City Pages, I knew I had to check it out! Asker is made up of three guys who went to college together here in the Twin Cities. Rumor has it they met in theology class at St. Thomas, and the rest is… Continue reading Band of the Day: Asker

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Good Luck, P.O.S.

Doomtree's P.O.S. was forced to cancel his entire upcoming tour last week, after it became clear that he needed an immediate kidney transplant. The music community is definitely concerned, especially in MN. Sure, people are disappointed, but health really does come first. Maybe y'all can help.


Forbes agrees: Minneapolis is Hip

It just so happens that Minneapolis's Warehouse District is a great place to be a hipster. I would've expected Uptown or Seward to be ranked higher, but we all know that mpls is hipsterville anyway. However, it's not the hippest, according to Forbes. It's behind 11 other hoods, including Silver Lake in L.A. and the… Continue reading Forbes agrees: Minneapolis is Hip


Swedish House Mafia- Is it really House?

According to DJ Dan, the answer is no. This could just be a house fire (pun intended), but a lot of people agree that the "house" music that we're familiar with may not be real house. Most people don't know the real house masters like Sneak, Paul Johnson, or DJ Dan, so maybe they deserve some… Continue reading Swedish House Mafia- Is it really House?

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Gotye Ditched at Bumbershoot

After Gotye performed "Somebody That I Used to Know" at Bumbershoot last Saturday, guess how many people left? 6,000! Come on guys. Could you be more lamestream? Seriously, the rest of his album is better than that song. I feel especially bad for ole Gotye since his concert here got bumped from the Target Center… Continue reading Gotye Ditched at Bumbershoot


Vote Yes is Winning?

Somehow, supporters of the marriage amendment to ban gay marriage are outnumbering those who will "Vote no." According to a recent poll, 50% of Minnesotans support the amendment, and only 43 % are against it. Crazy. Honestly, what's most concerning to me is that Minnesota is considered to be one of the most liberal states.

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Wrap Up of High School Rockers

If my previous two posts didn't get the message across, I was super pumped for tonight's broadcast of The Local Show on 89.3 the Current. Why was tonight's show so special? Because it was devoted to local high school bands. I of course set myself an alarm so I wouldn't miss a beat (ha), and it didn't disappoint!… Continue reading Wrap Up of High School Rockers