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Interview with Indie-Folkster Vinnie Ferra

Vinnie Ferra is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, though a better term would be composer. Ferra writes and arranges multi-instrumental indie/folk/rock tunes, and his hard work has culminated in two albums to date. His most recent effort, arc en ciel, is set to release June 23. In anticipation of the release, Vinnie has published "God Forbid" and "Behind… Continue reading Interview with Indie-Folkster Vinnie Ferra

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Song of the Day: The Fall by Keith Johns

Another submission, another excellent single! They just keep rolling in. This one's from a group called Keith Johns (after the lead singer-songwriter), based in Miami.They released their first EP just last year, called Maps and Plans, and "The Fall" is the first single off of their upcoming debut, Grateful Fool. What's interesting about Keith Johns is that they are able… Continue reading Song of the Day: The Fall by Keith Johns

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Album Review: Strange Trails by Lord Huron

Today I bring you Lord Huron, an indie/folk/Americana group that started with one guy in Michigan (hence the name) several years ago. Ben Schneider's around-the-campfire style was brought to life in Lonesome Dreams, the group's first full-length album released in 2012.  I hadn't heard of Lord Huron until "The Stranger" shuffled into my life on an indie playlist. The song… Continue reading Album Review: Strange Trails by Lord Huron

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Band of the Day: Motel Talk

I recently received a great submission from a band called Motel Talk, a young indie pop/folk group out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They've got a fresh and upbeat sound featuring quirky electro-acoustic musical backdrops and tight harmonies. Within the past few months, they've  released their debut EP called Sleeping Through the End of the World and have submitted an… Continue reading Band of the Day: Motel Talk

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Predictions for 2015

With 2014 behind us and the great unknown of 2015 ahead, now is the perfect time to transition from reflections to predictions. This week I browsed through several of my favorite blogs, and each had its own "most anticipated" lists for the coming year, and got to thinking about potential hot/nots myself. So without further ado, here… Continue reading Predictions for 2015

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2014 In(die) Review

With 2014 coming to a close tonight, I figured I should probably get with the end-of-year program. Today I'll reflect on 2014, which was a great year for me. I started my college career at an amazing university, attended the wedding of my mother and stepfather, got a bunch of ear piercings, and of course listened to tons… Continue reading 2014 In(die) Review

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An Interview with Miss Universe (Greta Morgan of Springtime Carnivore)

This weekend I had the opportunity to sit down with Greta Morgan (former lead vocalist of bands Gold Motel and The Hush Sound)  to talk about her newest project, Springtime Carnivore. She is currently on tour with Generationals, and they made a special stop here at Notre Dame on Halloween night for a fun-filled, costume-clad… Continue reading An Interview with Miss Universe (Greta Morgan of Springtime Carnivore)

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Musician of the Day: D.D. Dumbo

I'm baaaack! And with some good new music to share, of course. Oliver Hugh Perry is the sole member of D.D. Dumbo, hailing from Brunswick, Australia. "Tropical Oceans," his debut EP, was released yesterday by indie label 4AD. You can download it or order a 12" LP here, and check out the music video for the title… Continue reading Musician of the Day: D.D. Dumbo