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Song of the Day: Competition by The Dodos

Today while perusing Pitchfork, I came across a review for The Dodos' new album Individ, which is set to release in less than a week (woot woot). The preview track for the upcoming release is called "Competition," and if you're a fan of the group's early material, chances are you'll love it. Featuring their signature intricate drum tracks, laid… Continue reading Song of the Day: Competition by The Dodos

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Predictions for 2015

With 2014 behind us and the great unknown of 2015 ahead, now is the perfect time to transition from reflections to predictions. This week I browsed through several of my favorite blogs, and each had its own "most anticipated" lists for the coming year, and got to thinking about potential hot/nots myself. So without further ado, here… Continue reading Predictions for 2015

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2014 In(die) Review

With 2014 coming to a close tonight, I figured I should probably get with the end-of-year program. Today I'll reflect on 2014, which was a great year for me. I started my college career at an amazing university, attended the wedding of my mother and stepfather, got a bunch of ear piercings, and of course listened to tons… Continue reading 2014 In(die) Review

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An Interview with Miss Universe (Greta Morgan of Springtime Carnivore)

This weekend I had the opportunity to sit down with Greta Morgan (former lead vocalist of bands Gold Motel and The Hush Sound)  to talk about her newest project, Springtime Carnivore. She is currently on tour with Generationals, and they made a special stop here at Notre Dame on Halloween night for a fun-filled, costume-clad… Continue reading An Interview with Miss Universe (Greta Morgan of Springtime Carnivore)

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Musician of the Day: D.D. Dumbo

I'm baaaack! And with some good new music to share, of course. Oliver Hugh Perry is the sole member of D.D. Dumbo, hailing from Brunswick, Australia. "Tropical Oceans," his debut EP, was released yesterday by indie label 4AD. You can download it or order a 12" LP here, and check out the music video for the title… Continue reading Musician of the Day: D.D. Dumbo

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The Best Time of the Year

I've always loved Christmastime: the cheesy tunes, the Hallmark flicks, the Christmas cookies. I've seen Home Alone about 5 times this month, and it never gets old! Of course, I've also been listening to tons of Christmas music. My favorite holiday track this year is "Christmas Lights" by Coldplay. I compiled the rest of my faves… Continue reading The Best Time of the Year

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope you have the chance to spend some quality time with family and friends. We're hosting at my house this year, and we've got the Macy's Parade on in the background. I just made a playlist on 8tracks to go with the day's festivities, with songs from She & Him, Fleet Foxes… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

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Song of the Day: From Gold by Novo Amor Ali Lacey is the man behind Novo Amor, producing alternative folk tunes from the UK. Ali emailed me his new single, "From Gold", and said it would "fit in nicely" with my blog. I gave it a listen, and couldn't help but agree! On the Novo Amor Facebook page, Ali mentions Bon Iver and… Continue reading Song of the Day: From Gold by Novo Amor